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About The Krav Maga Blog

Learning physical self-defense/Krav Maga techniques is one thing, however being able to use them in a real-life situation is another. When dealing with violent incidents when to act can be as important as knowing how to act, and what to do. This blog looks to explain the contexts in which violent incidents play out, and how to understand the environmental and situational components that exist in aggressive and violent confrontations. No two situations are the same, and understanding when to act and when not to act, is a key survival skill. Simply knowing physical techniques is not enough; understanding what is happening, rather than just reacting is instrumental in being effective in real-life situations.

The blog also looks at non-physical solutions to aggressive and violent incidents e.g. such as how to de-escalate an aggressive incident, and how to disengage from an aggressor safely etc. Having strategies to diffuse an incident, without having to resort to physical means is preferable to having to fight, and many situations can be successfully de-escalated without things getting physical. There are many articles on this site, which will teach you how to do this, and equip you with the necessary skills, tools and tactics, to make this work in real-life confrontations.

Planning and prevention are also key skills to have. Having an understanding of how violent situations, develop and involve, and how predatory individuals and criminals operate, will allow you to predict, prevent and avoid violence. With this forethought, you will be able to plan and prepare in such a way, that you will be a harder target for predators, and may not even appear on their radars. Being able to avoid violence is always preferable to dealing with it. Sometimes avoidance is not possible, but being able to understand how violent individuals act/operate and how they plan and orchestrate their interactions will give you valuable warning time to prepare to enact your physical solutions; without this you will always be caught off guard and find yourself little space or time in which to react.

There is also information on how to improve your Krav Maga training and techniques, such as how to block faster, punch/strike harder and when and when not to use kicks etc. There are articles on how and when to use throws and takedowns, when going to ground may be advisable, and how to position your aggressor/attacker so that they are at a disadvantage. These will help you enhance and develop your fighting skills and attributes and give you an effective game-plane, for dealing with violence.

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