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Gershon Ben Keren is a security professional and trainer, with over 25-years experience, teaching, training and operating within the security industry. He has taught classes, seminars and programs to civilians, security professionals, military and law enforcement in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and is a best-selling author, writing about personal safety/self-protection and self-defense. He has a long history of delivering self-protection and self-defense training to businesses and enterprises, in a variety of industries, including de-escalation and conflict resolution, “hiring and firing” policies and procedures, workplace violence and active shooter incidents etc.

Most of our training is delivered as presentations (oftentimes as "Lunch & Learns"), or workshops, however physical self-defense training is available, and can be incorporated into any of our training packages as required. Training can be conducted at your site, or at our 16 000 sq ft training facility in Boston. We generally recommend – unless a business/corporation has specific needs/requirements – that it is best to start with our “Self-Protection 101” module, a 60-minute presentation that teaches the fundamentals of personal safety, and then look to build on this, by extending training to specific incidents and types of violence.

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Self-Protection 101

Violence occurs on a timeline, it never just happens. It is also a process, which means it has steps and stages it has to go through and complete, before it occurs. If we can learn to identify these, we have the potential, to predict, identify and avoid violence before it happens. In this 60-minute presentation/seminar you will learn how both a criminal/aggressor’s timeline and your own, connect and interact to form a violent incident. By understanding how predatory individuals, such as muggers and sexual assailants operate, and how you experience and interpret a variety of warning signs, you will learn how to step off their timeline, and avoid violence. Using the SEPS (Situation Effective Protection System) framework, you will be taught an effective and proven methodology, which has been taught to and used by civilians and security professionals globally. This is not a list of do’s and don’ts but an education into how to assess risk, reduce vulnerabilities and predict and identify threats. These are the same skills that are taught to security professionals but applied to civilian situations and settings, delivered is a short, concise format.

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